Privacy Policy


As provided in the applicable member agreement of the United Precious Metals Association (“UPMA”), each member agrees to accept the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

Storing Personal Information

UPMA securely stores the basic personal information each member provides when creating or updating an account. Such information includes full legal name, date of birth, physical and email addresses, telephone numbers, security questions and banking details, such as routing and account numbers. UPMA does not divulge this information to third parties except: (1) as provided below; (2) at the member's request; or (3) if legally obligated to do so. This policy also applies with respect member balances and other financial information the association possesses.

Sharing Personal Information

UPMA does not sell or otherwise disseminate member contact information to any third party. The only exception to this may be disclosures to entities contracted to use such information exclusively for the direct benefit of UPMA’s membership, such as the association’s independent general counsel who provides escrow, legal and fiduciary services, and financial institutions providing bank accounts and/or debit/credit cards for members’ use. In addition, account information may be shared with the joint tenants, agents or beneficiaries designated for a given account.

When members offer their goods or services to each other and use their specie legal tender holdings in such transactions, each consents to the release of identifying information to one another.

Altering Personal Information

Members may request changes to their personal information stored by the association. All such requests must be submitted on-line following authentication of member login credentials or through the member’s verified email. If a member loses control of the email registered with UPMA, we reserve the right to require proof of identity.

Proving Identity

Normally, neither UPMA nor its contracted service providers request or store information such as social security, passport or driver’s license numbers, except in the following instances:

  1. when a member requests the withdrawal of physical coin, government-issued photo id may be required to verify identity;
  2. address changes or shipping orders may require proof of residency such as a utility bill or bank statement;
  3. name change requests require documentation such as a marriage license;
  4. financial institutions providing services to UPMA members, such as reloadable debit cards, may requiring proof of identity, including perhaps the member’s social security number; and
  5. in the event of a member’s passing, a death certificate will be required before any transfer of funds to designated beneficiaries.