Many people are losing confidence in the Federal Reserve fiat money system and are turning towards crypto-currencies and other commodities to escape steady inflation. While these attempts are well meaning they carry the risk of incurring a capital gains tax on every transaction. For example, if someone were to have purchased a bitcoin for $200 and then were to spend it at a $2,000 value then they would be liable for as much as a 28% capital gain tax on the $1,800 increase. In recent years the IRS has become more aggressive in collecting this tax.

    UPMA solves this issue by offering accounts denominated in U.S. Silver or Gold coin. Since the Reagan years the Treasury of the United States has minted U.S dollars in the form of gold and silver coins. These coins are considered legal tender just like Federal Reserve notes.This means that transactions made with gold or silver coins are not considered barter transactions, therefore, the transactions can not be taxed as if they were barter transactions.

     One ounce of U.S minted silver is stamped with a one dollar value while U.S minted one ounce gold coins are stamped with a $50 face value. Members may own fractions of a coin. For example, if a member were to have five and a half ounces of silver in their account it would show as $5.50 Silver Dollars. If a member were to own a half an ounce of gold then their account would display $25 gold dollars.

     By using these U.S. minted gold and silver coins members can protect themselves from the depreciation of the Federal Reserve Note while avoiding the tax penalties of bartering with bitcoin or other types of precious metals.