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     The United Precious Metals Association was established shortly after the passage of the Utah Specie Legal Tender Act in early 2011. UPMA is known as a gold & silver depository. We offer Americans a choice in the type of currency that they use by offering accounts denominated in U.S. minted gold, and silver dollars. Members benefit from 0% buy/sell spreads and low vaulting costs. Members may even transact with each other using gold or silver dollars within our closed-loop payment system. To open an account and become a member, sign up today on our homepage.

     Members can access their wealth by using a Visa debit card, ACH (electronic check), or by taking physical possession of their holdings. The average account only costs a few bucks a month, this makes UPMA a very affordable place to save and transact with sound money.

     UPMA is a not-for-profit cooperative.





We have a flat monthly membership and inexpensive vaulting costs.

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Private information is encrypted and paper backups are printed daily.

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Sound Money Transfers       

Member holdings are stored in vaults that conduct regular audits.

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Legal Tender Gold & Silver

We exclusively use sound money, U.S minted coins due to the tax advantages.

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0% Buy/Sell Spread

Most Gold dealers guarantee a $40-$70 loss per coin when selling back, not here.

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Manage your wealth

Avoid market volatility, make regular deposits, and adjust holdings.

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