UPMA™ Visa Debit Card

UPMA™ members can order and manage debit cards linked to their Liquid Gold™ accounts online by simply logging in and then clicking the Manage Cards button at the bottom of the My Debit Cards tile. Cards can be issued to the primary Account Holder as well as to any Joint Tenant on the account. Please note that a Member's birthday and completed online profile is required for card orders. The card issuer may also require either a social security number or alternative ID to activate the card. Cards are never loaded until activated for the member's protection. Once ordered, the cards generally take a week to arrive.

True Link Financial, a card issuer, provides a wide variety of attractive features, including: spending limits; known fraud list and specified merchant blocking; online transaction monitoring; and monthly statements. The True Link card is available free of charge to any Member with a Liquid Gold™ Account Balance valued at or above $2,000 Gold Dollars (forty gold coins), or an automatic monthly draw of a net $1,000 Paper Dollars or more. The monthly draw (an amount placed in the Member's Liquid Gold™ account by means of ACH transfer each month) can be set up by clicking on the Add Funds button at the bottom of the the Get Gold & Silver tile and then selecting Monthly at the top of the left-hand pane. Other Members may also use True Link cards at a cost of $10 Paper Dollars per month for each active card linked to the Member's account.

Using their linked Visa cards, Members can make purchases any where Visa is accepted, do ATM cash withdrawals, buy money orders, or link their card to a commercial bill pay system such as PayTrust. Normally, Members may withdraw up to $750 Paper Dollars from their cards per day from a bank teller, or up to $400 a day from an ATM machine. Transactions processed outside of the United States will be subject to a $1.00 processing fee.

After a Member orders and activates a card, the Paper Dollar limit the Member has specified is redeemed from the Member's Gold or Silver Dollar holdings at the daily Exchange Rate and placed on the card. Then sometime during the first week of every month thereafter, additional holdings are liquidated to reload the card to the specified limit.

Because funds held on the card are no longer backed by gold or silver, loading more than 10% of the Member's Account Balance is strongly discouraged. Accordingly, a Member may change card limits at any time online up to a maximum of $4,000 Paper Dollars. Requests for mid-month additions or removals to or from a card can be submitted by calling 888.210.8488 or emailing info@upma.org.