Withdrawing Gold & Silver

Members may withdraw their gold dollar holdings in $50 increments as well as any amount of silver dollars they hold. To begin the withdrawal process, UPMA™ requires a copy of the member's government-issued photo ID, and possibly additional documentation proving the member's connection to the intended delivery address ‐ such as a utilities bill or the like.

Such documentation along with the requested withdrawal amount must be emailed to info@upma.org from the member's email account on file with UPMA™. Requests generally take a few days to process as well as a several days to ship. Members typically receive their shipments in the form of either U.S. one-ounce American Eagle or Buffalo coin within a week to 10 days of the initial request. Costs for shipping and insurance are assessed to the member's account. Shipments of coins are currently sent through Fedex in tubes. UPMA makes no guarantees on the year of the coins.

Members may also pickup withdrawals at the physical offices maintained for UPMA™ business. Such pick ups require 48 hours advance notice to assure that sufficient coinage is on hand.