Vaulting, Audits & Security

Legal Tender Services PLLC (LTS) serves as the legal custodian of all UPMA™ precious metal holdings. LTS, in turn, has contracted with various commercial vaulting services, including primarily Brink's Inc., which maintains a precious metals vault located in Salt Lake City, UT. Brink's state-of-the-art facility is the ideal solution for safe, secure, private storage of precious metals. Brink's has safeguarded valuables since 1859 and is entrusted by financial institutions around the world to handle billions of dollars in value on a daily basis.

LTS, as well as each of its contracted vaulting and transit partners, are fully insured against loss or damage to the precious metal holdings in their care, custody and control. In addition, audits of all holdings are conducted on a daily basis. Members of the UPMA board of directors conduct independent physical audits of UPMA member holdings at least three times per year and report on their findings at the member meeting held in the fall of each year.

Member online accounts are password protected and subject to ssl encryption. In addition, members can enter a unique security question/answer combination to further restrict access to their personal information.

All UPMA™ data is subject to continuous digital back up. In addition, paper reports of member account balances are printed daily and stored in a secure location.