UPMA/Legal Tender Services Relationship

       The United Precious Metals Association ("UPMA") is a 501c6 nonprofit.  UPMA membership consists of those individuals and entities who enroll at upma.org and currently pay monthly dues by virtue of maintaining funded capital credit accounts with the association.  At UPMA's annual summit, association members elect from among themselves individuals to serve on the UPMA board of directors in three-year, staggered terms of service.  In addition to setting policy for the management of the association, the board regularly participates in and reports on physical audits of all precious metal legal tender holdings. 

     Legal Tender Services PLLC ("LTS") provides legal, trust, escrow, lobbying and other such services to the association and its members.  UPMA itself has no paid staff.  Member interactions with the association are typically handled by LTS personnel on behalf of UPMA.  The association's bylaws designate the manager of LTS, Lawrence Hilton, as the association's general counsel to meet with and advise the board, but not to vote on board decisions.

     UPMA enjoys prominent signage privileges on the LTS-owned commercial condominium located in a building at the north-east corner of the round about in Alpine, Utah.  Silver and gold dollar holdings, constituting capital credits of association members are safeguarded by LTS in commercial vaults operated by Brinks, Inc. and by the North American Monetary Exchange Corporation.

For more information, see the UPMA Bylaws under the Resources section of upma.org.