Legal Structure of UPMA - Legal Tender Services

     The United Precious Metals Association is a 501c6 nonprofit. Every person and/or business entity that has signed up on the site is considered a UPMA member. The membership is represented by an elected board that meets several times a year. The board participates and reports on physical audits. The UPMA board also provides feedback to Legal Tender Services and engages in political activity to further promote legal tender laws. For more information see the UPMA Bylaws under the resources section.

     Legal Tender Services (LTS) is the service provider for the UPMA membership. LTS is not a nonprofit and is owned by former UPMA chairman Lawrence Hilton. When members call in they will receive the response "Thank you for calling UPMA exchange services", UPMA is an important part of the branding, however, the services are all through LTS. 

     The silver and gold accounts are currently serviced under a trust model through LTS. The "UPMA" building is owned by the North American Monetary Exchange or (NAMX). NAMX also provides the vaulting services through Brinks. NAMX is largely owned by Lawrence Hilton and is setting up a more comprehensive trust that will be capable of offering additional services to the UPMA membership. When the trust is completed, NAMX will take on the role of service provider from LTS. All of the employees will be transferred and the membership will not see much change apart from the additional services offered. The employees of Legal Tender Services are currently under Hilton Law PLLC. If members have any questions please call.