Who Can Join UPMA™?

Any applicant of good character may join the association upon agreement to the terms and conditions of membership and payment of the applicable member dues. The UPMA bylaws authorize four member classes: people, merchants, charities, and governmental entities. Within these classes any organizational form is acceptable, including trusts, corporations, and LLCs.

UPMA's programs are primarily designed for residents and citizens of the United States of America and are based on U.S. federal and state law. Further, UPMA makes exclusive use of U.S. specie legal tender.

Nevertheless, citizens of other countries who meet the qualifications for membership are welcome to join, but will likely find little guidance from the UPMA regarding the relevant laws of the jurisdiction within which they live. However, UPMA is actively looking for like-minded people and entities around the world, with which to collaborate on Choice in Currency initiatives and reforms.