The UPMA is committed to offering the membership a wide variety of tools to manage their silver and gold accounts. Members may use these tools to hedge against market risks or to capitalize on other economic opportunities.


Recurring Deposits

In order to accommodate members that wish to save every month, an automatic monthly deposit option is provided. This helps members receive an average exchange rate over time. This is a great option to save over time.


Swap gold & silver

The UPMA facilitates the exchanging of gold for silver or of silver for gold. Typical coin dealers charge as much as ten percent for this service. Members of the UPMA can expect to pay a flat rate of 1% and for the swap to occur next day.


Cost Averaging

Gold and silver exchange rates often experience volatility that makes it difficult to know how to time a purchase. In order to hedge risk, the UPMA offers the dollar cost averaging program. This allows members to make a deposit over a prescribed period of time.