Dollar Cost Averaging

UPMA™ offers the conversion of paper dollars received from its members into gold or silver (specie) dollars by means of Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA). In other words, the amount of the member's deposit into escrow is divided by the number of business days during the DCA period. Then on each of those days a proportionate share of the deposit amount is exchanged for specie dollars and cents at that day's exchange rate according to the member's escrow instructions. This process helps mitigate the effects of exchange rate fluctuations on the member's balance. It also allows members to acquire specie dollars in smaller increments than the $50 dollar denominated one-ounce gold coin produced by the U.S. mint.

Available DCA periods include one month, two weeks, one week, and next business day. These options can be seen when depositing funds online, at which time the member can also select the target currency and deposit method. We generally recommend that members dollar cost average regular monthly deposits to blunt the effects of price volatility.