Funding an Account

There are no minimums or maximums on UPMA accounts. There are several ways to fund a UPMA™ account. Members may use the online 'Add Funds' feature to transfer money directly from their bank account via ACH transfer. This is an excellent option for recurring amounts, such as a $1,000 per month savings program, or for sending limited amounts as one-time contributions. It takes about five business days to process these types of payments.

For members who want to have their paper money processed into gold dollars more quickly, or would like to send more than $10,000 within a one-month period, other options include sending cashier's checks, personal checks or money orders to at the mailing address maintained for UPMA™ business. Please make all checks payable to --UPMA--.

The most secure way of sending funds in any amount is through a wire transfer. Simply call 888.210.8488 or email for wire instructions.