Goldback Accounts are Now Live!


As of today members of the United Precious Metals Association have access to a new (unfunded) Goldback account alongside the regular gold and silver dollar accounts when they login. The Goldback is a local, voluntary currency in Utah. While it is a local currency, the Goldback may be owned and used in any State since it is also a gold product. Goldback accounts will function much like regular UPMA accounts in that members will benefit from a 0% bid/ask spread when purchasing/vaulting through the association. There are currently no additional vaulting fees for storing any amount of Goldbacks through UPMA however, this will change as soon as next year to mirror charges on U.S Gold Eagles.

The Goldback provides a fantastic means for the circulation of gold. It is truly the money that sound money people could only wish the government would make. Each Goldback is made of 24k gold through an electrolysis process and is coated with a polymer for protection. See the original announcement for Goldback Accounts Here:

If you have a friend or family member that you feel would be interested in the Goldback then there is a program to have a free one mailed to them! Every new UPMA account will receive a Goldback in the mail. Existing members in good standing will also receive a Goldback in the mail, probably by the end of the year. More information about this program can be found here:

If you own a business in Utah and you would like to accept gold as payment then please contact us and we will add you to the list that will be published on September 28th after the member meeting. More Information Here:

If you would like to attend the member meeting and see the President of Valaurum (the printing company for the Goldback) speak then please RSVP by contacting the office. More Information Here:

If you have other questions about the Goldback then please visit or call the office.