New Legal Tender Cryptocurrencies are Here

The United Precious Metals Association is proud to announce a joint venture with the Quintric Corporation! While details of this exciting partnership have remained fairly low-key up to this point, it seemed only fitting that you, as a UPMA member, be among the first to know.

Quintric has started the pre-sale of the world’s first Legal Tender, Precious Metal Cryptocurrencies. The program consists of the following;

Quint: a digital token which represents ownership of 1/1,000th oz of legal tender gold

QuintS: a digital token which represents ownership of 1/20th oz of legal tender silver

The Quint is nothing short of the return of the American Gold Standard. The model combines the best aspects of multiple mediums of exchange:

·       The stability and universal value of gold

·       The legal standing and convenience of paper money

·       The transparency and accountability of crypto

Quintric offers both  gold and silver tokens on the Bitshares platform. The program has been reviewed by a host of lawyers, securities firms and experts in the field of legal tender to ensure total compliance with State and Federal Laws. Some of the features of this revolutionary venture include:

·       Free vaulting for the lifetime of your account

·       100% reserve ratio on precious metals

·       No capital gains on tokens when circulated as money

·       Live-streamed vaulting for maximum transparency

·       Among the fastest, cheapest transactions in the industry

·       Redeem your tokens for gold or silver at any time

·       A natural soft cap on token issuance

So, how does this affect you and your UPMA holdings?

Not at all!

UPMA will continue to offer the same quality services you know and love. The Quintric program is an entirely separate endeavor, although the close partnership permits very easy, streamlined transfers if you decide to convert any of your current precious metal holdings into Quint. Accounts may be created through this link:

Quintric is also offering Affiliate positions to those who wish to participate in a generous Referral Program. If you are interested, please contact us at or call the Quintric Hotline at 385-498-4653. Visit the website at to learn more or read the white paper.