What are gold and silver dollars?

The U.S. Government mints legal tender one ounce gold & silver coins denominated as fifty dollars (for gold) & one dollar (for silver). Therefore, one gold dollar is 1/50th of a one ounce gold coin from the mint.

How much does this service cost?

All funded accounts pay a monthly membership fee of about $2.50. This covers vaulting & insurance of up to two ounces of gold. Each additional gold coin, or twenty silver coins costs roughly an additional 25¢ per month.

What does the membership fee cover?

The membership fee covers commercial vaulting and insurance, as well as preparation of your online monthly statements and member support services.

Are these accounts insured?

Yes, all gold & silver legal tender holdings are insured by Lloyd's of London against loss, theft, or damage. Paper dollars held in escrow or trust accounts with financial institutions are covered by federal credit insurance, such as the FDIC.

What makes the gold UPMA coins different?

At UPMA we only use U.S. legal tender Gold & Silver coins.These coins are official U.S. currency and may be circulated like any other dollar. Non-legal-tender gold products, as well as crypto-currencies may be liable for a capital gains tax when circulated.

How can I use this account?

Our service is best used as a highly liquid, inexpensive, gold or silver based savings account. Our 0% buy/sell spread significantly reduces the penalty of owning metals. Members may also pay each other directly with gold or silver.

Can I add a beneficiary or joint tenant?

Yes, simply have them create an account. Then you can link them to yours with whatever right you choose. You can link them in our website in the “My Account Info” tile.

How can I fund my account?

We accept online ACH transfers of up to $10,000/month through our website. For higher amounts we accept personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, wire transfers, and bullion. We also accept cash at our office for amounts less than $9,000/year.

How do I take physical possession of my gold?

We can have your coins ready within 48 hours notice. You can pick them up in person at our office, or we can ship them to you. We require a copy of your photo ID, and we also require address verification for all shipments.

How do I know that the gold is really there?

We make audits publicly available upon request. Members with holdings worth at least $50,000 may request to participate in a regular physical audit. Our goal is to be one of the world's most transparent, and trusted vaulting services.

Is UPMA a bank?

No, banks loan out your money and are only required to keep a small percentage of it in reserve. We hold a 100% reserve for all deposits. Your gold & silver dollar holdings are never loaned to others unless you authorize it.

May I deposit my own gold and silver?

Yes, gold and silver may be deposited in person at our office or by mail. More details can be found through the 'More Resources' link under 'Depositing Gold & Silver'.


What are Goldbacks?

The Goldback is a local, voluntary, gold currency in Utah. UPMA members in any state may own Goldbacks but they may not be legal tender outside of Utah. This means that if you are spending Goldbacks in Idaho then you would be considered barter items. More information about the Goldback can be found here: