QuintX is a cryptocurrency dividend paying security that is being offered for free by the United Precious Metals Association to anyone joining the Quintric system through the purchase of Quint or QuintS. QuintX tokens are designed to pay regular gold backed dividends based off the success and growth of the gold standard adoption in the World. 

The tokens are designed to reward early adopters of Quint and QuintS in the year 2018, especially during the pre-sale. The plan is to cap the token's issuance by the end of 2018.

Whenever the Gold Eagle backed Quint token moves it generates a small transaction fee. Half of this fee is placed into a pot called the Quintric Cache and is paid out to holders of QuintX. As the system becomes more popular the dividends will grow and become more regular. By some calculations 200 QuintX tokens will be able to generate the first full ounce of gold over the first five years of the program. This means that early adopters of Quint that receive QuintX are getting a steady stream of gold dividends so long as the program exists.

The United Precious Metals Association will issuing fewer QuintX throughout the year per 1,000 Quint purchased until the year ends. A cap may be added at year end where no further QuintX is ever issued. UPMA is also giving out a free gift of 25 QuintX to each of our members with a funded account regardless of size. If members wish to obtain more QuintX they may transfer their holdings into the new system for full bonuses.


The value of the QuintX token should increase as the Quintric system is adopted and used because it is highly dependent on total transactions for generating worthwhile dividends. If the Quint and QuintS tokens are even as partially successful as some of the cryptocurrencies out there then QuintX could be a very lucrative asset. Here are some value projections: