A New Sign on the Building!

Having worked and lived in Alpine for several years now I’ve had the opportunity of talking to many people about the services offered by UPMA. Believe it or not working at a precious metals vault is a bit of a conversation starter and most members of the community have no idea that there are millions upon millions of dollars worth of gold and silver under their streets.


It shouldn’t have come as a surprise, few around here know what an ‘Uoop’-‘Mah’ is let alone what services we may offer. In longer conversations most folks become impressed at the idea of having a highly liquid gold or silver account but I’m not even confident that they can google the name later because UPMA is also the name of a common Indian dish. Oops.

We went ahead and did what every other respectable business does. We went ahead and bought a sign for the side of the building so that at least passerby’s will have an inkling to what we are all about here at UPMA. In the past few weeks since it has been up we have had dozens of walk-ins and new accounts from just this effort alone.

UPMA has also conducted a mail campaign which has hit over 200,000 homes in Utah during the month of February. Efforts are still underway on a more nationally oriented media campaign.