Summary of the 2018 Monetary Summit

The last two Summits were held at the Alpine Art Center.

The last two Summits were held at the Alpine Art Center.

The United Precious Metals Association kicked off it’s annual summit on Constitution Day (September 17th) at the Alpine Art Center. Members were able to come to the event in person or attend via livestream. The summit will be hosted on the United Precious Metals Association’s Youtube channel in the coming days.


This year Stan Larimer of Bitshares was the keynote speaker. He discussed the various technological applications of cryptocurrency and how these can be used in conjunction with legal tender gold and silver. The concept of marrying the two concepts of legal tender precious metals alongside crypto technology manifests itself in the Quintric project. Thomas Johnson of accounting also presented on the growth of UPMA which has been substantial despite the recent focus on Quintric.

This year saw perhaps the greatest turnout for the summit of any year in recent memory. Kevin Brown, Warrens Sens, and Michael Watson were all elected to the UPMA Board of Directors. The board met after the summit and passed several resolutions of note that may be covered in another article.