UPMA is developing a National Campaign

One of the great aspects of working on behalf of the United Precious Metals Association is that everyone seems to love our offering. It is difficult to argue with a 0% buy/sell spread when most businesses use models that involve a guaranteed loss of anywhere from 5% on gold or 15% on silver eagles. The membership expresses a lot of love for the service as it stands.

UPMA has experienced steady growth and has even broadcast ads on cable news in the State of Utah where the main facility is located. The ad can be seen on the website and features Lawrence Hilton and his wife Jeanette..

One of the challenges being worked on now is the development of a more national oriented marketing campaign to grow UPMA membership in areas where there are very few members now. The market research is showing that many Americans would like to have easy access to online gold and silver accounts with companies that they love and trust.

In order to accomplish this feat UPMA is considering a partial rebrand for a national campaign so that new members outside the state of Utah would see UPMA’s same services under another name initially. The United Precious Metals Association would still be featured on the site however. The reason for this partial rebranding is simple, anyone searching for ‘UPMA’ outside of Utah will find nothing but Indian Dishes for several pages. In order for people to find ‘UPMA’ easier a new website may be launched in the coming months. This change is not meant to change anything for existing users.

We also would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope everyone has enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving. If you have any input or questions then please call or email us.