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The United Precious Metals Association ("UPMA") was established as a natural outgrowth of the passage of the Utah Legal Tender Act in early 2011. The UPMA promotes the wide circulation and use of precious metal legal tender. To this end it establishes standards for the production, vaulting and exchange of precious metal legal tender and bullion. These standards are designed to inspire public confidence as well as provide models for future legislation.

As part of its public outreach programs, the UPMA has sponsored annual Monetary Summits at which the general public is welcome. Such events have drawn attendees from across the country and around the world.

UPMA members are eligible to participate in the association's Liquid Gold program which enables participants to accumulate and spend gold dollars in amounts as little as one gold cent per transaction. More and more UPMA members are "going gold" in their routine, daily purchases, making true choice in currency a viable reality for the public at large. To get started, join the UPMA today.