Utah AG Sean Reyes

At the UPMA 2014 annual summit, Utah's Attorney General Sean Reyes speaks about how it is the responsibility of each State's Attorney General to block unconstitutional federal seizures of property.

Many have expressed concern that there could one day be a repeat of the 1934 executive order which partially outlawed private gold ownership. Sean Reyes responds with "Not on my watch."

Overstock Chairman Jonathan Johnson

Overstock established itself as a pioneer in the currency sphere by being the first major U.S company to accept Bitcoin for goods and services. At the UPMA 2015 annual summit Overstock Chairman Jonathan Johnson speaks about how his company also holds gold for employees in case of a time of crisis.

Jonathan Johnson also highlights some of the advantages of using a UPMA account vs other ways of storing wealth.

Utah Rep. Ken Ivory

One of the most well known and respected members of Utah's legislature for his work on the convention of states as well as Western lands, Rep. Ken Ivory spoke at UPMA's 2016 annual summit. He announced further sound money legislation.

HB 0224 would've recognized gold repositories within the State of Utah as acceptable places for Government funds. It would've also removed barriers for the issuing of gold bonds. The bill died during the 2017 session.

Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem

The original co-sponsor of Arizona's legal tender act, Rep. Mark Finchem, delivered an address about the importance of state born solutions to national currency issues. He also discusses crypto-currencies and movements within other states at the 2017 annual summit.